Clinical Classes

Fluid Physio offers a range of guided classes allowing you to exercise safely under the careful supervision of our physiotherapists & exercise physiologists.


Pilates – Equipment

Physio led Pilates reformer class using spring-loaded equipment to achieve an all over workout targeted to your individual needs. Maximum of 3 participants per class.

Pilates – Beginner

Physio led introductory level Pilates with a focus on core activation and neutral spine alignment to assist in rehabilitation or to build a good overall strength base.

Pilates – Intermediate

Physio led class to take your Pilates matwork and movement awareness to the next level.

Gentle Exercise


A small-scale, clinical exercise session for individualised rehabilitation supervised by your physiotherapist.

Low Intensity

Strength, balance, cardio and core exercises – performed at your own pace under careful supervision.

Lungs in Action

Specifically designed for those with lung or heart conditions – tailored to your individual needs.

Stronger For Longer

An over 60’s class, led by an exercise physiologist for strength, balance and cardiovascular health.

Tai Chi / Qigong Practice

Build your awareness of the basic principles of movement with emphasis on balance, muscle toning, mind focus and breathing.



Water-based physiotherapy rehabilitation class, utilising the low weight-bearing benefits of movement/exercise in water.