Do you wake up and limp or ‘penguin walk’ for the first few minutes, or longer? Do you struggle to get down the stairs first thing in the morning? Do your feet hurt when you first get up from sitting?

There’s a high chance you have plantar fasciopathy, also called plantar fasciitis, or chronic posterior heel pain.

It is quite common, especially walking with bare feet on hard floors, like lots of us do over summer in the Clarence Valley.

Plantar fasciopathy is not a serious condition, but it can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes is a disincentive to participation in physical activity – which I think is a more serious problem.

Shockwave Technology

At Fluid Phyiso + Gym we’ve been experiencing great success with shockwave therapy for our patients with plantar fasciopathy. Shockwave therapy is relatively new technology. Studies have reported that 75% of patients feel significant improvements with their pain and function after shockwave therapy. Our results are consistent with that. We are finding that, the longer you have had the condition for, the better your results are with shockwave. If you’ve just started to experience heel pain, simple load management strategies or some simple supportive tape or footwear may be the best place to start.

Our Best Results

The best result is obtained when we combine shockwave therapy with supportive tape, and begin a strengthening and stretching program for the foot, ankle and lower limb. It is really important to complete such a program. We love this foot conditioning program by the running physio:


Fixing persistent morning heel pain

If you’ve had your morning heel pain for more than 12 weeks, we certainly recommend you should give this new technology a trial run. To book online, simply click here. We are confident we can help you.

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Written by: Simon Ruse – Sports Titled Physiotherapist.