portrait photo of Aaron in the gym smiling

Aaron Pateman

ESSA accredited Exercise Scientist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Areas of Interest:

– Strength and Conditioning
РAthletic Development
– Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
– Knee Osteoarthritis
– Balance Training and Falls Prevention
– Type 2 Diabetes
– Weight Management

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology (EP). As an accredited EP, he works with clinical exercise interventions for people at high risk of developing, or with existing or chronic medical conditions and musculoskeletal injuries. Aaron has been a qualified personal trainer since 2009 which is where he developed a real passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals believing in empowering people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to improved their condition and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. He provides individualised and group exercise programming and implements strategies to improve motivation and promote exercise adherence. Through years of sporting involvement he has a keen interest in athletic development especially for the young athlete and offers individualised and group sessions. In his downtime, he enjoys competitive running, training in the gym, spending time with family and relaxing at the beach.