Feeling static, sedentary, slumped? The kids are now back to regular schooling, but so many of us are now working from our homes. Working from home comes with many challenges and distractions, not to mention working at a makeshift desk/office space! Perhaps you are sitting for periods in less than ideal postures.⁠ Prolonged static postures can lead to muscle tightness and joint stiffness, sore backs, necks and headaches. ⁠ There are 3 simple things you can incorporate into your new daily routine which are quick and effective:⁠

TIP 1 – ALARM: ⁠

  • Set your phone alarm at 20minute intervals to prompt you to get up / change position (from sitting to standing) / walk/stretch⁠.⁠


  • Stop every hour and complete a few basic stretches, these should not be painful in any way! ⁠


  • Stress, anxiety, sitting, and being less active can affect how we breathe. Make a point of taking a few deeper breathes into the bottom of the rib cage every hour, go outside, if possible for extra benefit.⁠

We’ve put together some of our favourite seated exercises a Printable PDF – yes you can do these from your table or desk, while working from home. Download and print out this 2 page poster set and pop it up in your workspace, set yourself an alarm to vary your posture (from sitting to standing or by adding in one of these stretches). If you like to speak to one of our physiotherapists about your muscle tightness, back pain or headaches, please  Book online, simply click here. or contact the clinic on 6646 3766, we are confident we can help you.

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Written by: Alison Darbyshire – Senior Physiotherapist.