The Athletic Development Class is targeted towards athletes who are performing at a high level in their chosen sport. It offers an opportunity for these athletes to develop the many core components essential for athletic performance; while at the same time complimenting their sport specific training.

The focus of the class is on developing proper athletic movement patterns and will incorporate aspects involved in many sports such as strength, power, agility, skill acquisition, balance and coordination. This will help to condition the athlete to improve overall performance on the sporting field and reduce the risk of injury. The class is run in a safe environment with a specific focus on quality of movement and technique before all else.

Participants will be assessed, and exercises tailored towards their current ability and focus on specific requirements of their chosen sport. Over time as improvements are made and proper movement mechanics have been developed; intensity will increase, and exercises will be progressed to more complex movement patterns.


Benefits of the class:

  • Improved performance

  • Understanding movement patterns

  • Awareness of safe training practices

  • Reduced injury risk

Classes are run at 5:30pm on Mondays at Fluid Physio + Gym within the Raymond Laurie Sports Centre. To register your interest, please request our application form, and submit to our office. Or contact us on 6646 3766 for more information.

Written by: Aaron Pateman – Exercise Physiologist.