Congratulations Taylor!

Fluid Physio + Gym would like to congratulate Taylor Jensen on claiming his 3rd WSL World Title. Taylor needed to win a surf-off in Taiwan to be crowned the 2017 World Longboard Champion.

Taylor Jensen celebrates his third World Championship title. (Photo: WSL)

Return to competitive surfing from injury

Taylor spends his time between Yamba and California. It was a real pleasure to have Taylor training and rehabilitating earlier in the year at Fluid Physio + Gym. Taylor put everything into rehabilitating his knee. Training with us in his DonJoy playmaker brace allowed him to maintain his physical condition and get him back to surfing faster.

Taylor’s rehabilitation program with Sports Physio Simon Ruse at Fluid Physio + Gym.

It’s been great to see him get through the rest of the season and get a big win in his first competition back. His knee has certainly held up well, which is a testament to the work he put in when he was first injured.

Taylor Jensen celebrates his third World Championship title. (Photo: WSL).

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Written by: Simon Ruse. Learn more about Simon here.